11 Decor Items Under $20 (1500 Rs) To Give Your Home A Brand New Look.

Home decor items are tricky. Sometimes, the flashy items that you like may cost you a fortune. While in other cases, it doesn’t matter how long you search you can’t find that perfect carpet or blinds. Sorting out the ideal piece from tons of garbage on the online shops is a tedious task. In fact, it takes a great deal of effort and time to finally land on that flawless item that can make your room picturesque.

Well, you can save yourself from that tiresome task. We’ve gathered a list of 11 items under $20 that will make your home looks sumptuous.

1. Moon Lamp

Who doesn’t like the miniature version of the divine and enchanting moon as their table lamp? This rechargeable table lamp looks exactly like the moon and also have 3 different shades. A single charge is enough to provide illumination for up to 20 hours.

Buy it from here: Moon Lamp

Price : Rs 1100

2. Handwoven Jute Round Rug

This vintage design jute carpet is suitable for your living room or office. Add a stylish edge to your home without worrying about stains, jute carpets are known for its quality and ruggedness. Moreover, this handwoven rug can protect your feet from the cold floor while adding elegance to your room.

Price : Rs 1100

Buy it here: Handwoven rug

3. Blinds for Your Windows

This extremely beautiful blue blinds is a charming sight to the eyes. The blinds are crafted in such a way that it allows just the right amount of sunlight to your room. Furthermore, the polyester fabric used is washable and guaranteed in minimizing dust build up.

Price : Rs 1250

Buy it here : Blinds

4. Photo Frame Combination

Fun and unique way to liven up your home with an artistic way to display your family photos. Decorate your walls with the most beautiful moments of your life with various photo frames.

Price : Rs 1100

Buy it here : Photo frames

5. Rope Wall Lamps

Add some rustic flavour to your interior with this lovely wall lamp. Not only the classy rope and Edison bulb give an enticing upshot to your rooms but also illuminate the whole space with a fire yellow tainted light.

Price: Rs 850

Buy here : rustic lamp

6. Tealight Sconce

It doesn’t matter whether its a romantic or a casual dinner, a set of tealights changes the whole mood. The warm colour of the tealights has an alluring charm that adds so much to a dinner or a conversation. Bring that vibe to your living room with this 8 Cup Wall Sconce.

Price: 650

Buy here : Tealight sconce

7. Watercolour Paintings

home decor items paintings.

Add character to your living room with this set of 3 water color painting. It’s like the finishing touch to your living room. Moreover, an elegant piece of art is a great conversation starter as it bring several interpretation and perception to its viewers.

Price : Rs 400

Buy it here : watercolor paintings

8. Bonsai Plant

home decor items bonsai.

If you ever think of adding life to your rooms with a live plant then look no further than bonsai. These incredibly beautiful dwarf trees are both adorable and charming also it doesn’t require much care.

Price : Rs 1300

Buy it here : bonsai

9. Table Runner

home decor items table runner.

Create a nice dining experience with this elegant table runner and mats. This washable runner will be a treat to your dining room. A sophisticated addition to your home decor indeed.

Price : Rs 600

Buy it here : table runner

10. Floating Wall Shelves

Get this beautifully designed hexagon shaped wall shelves to improve the aesthetics of your living room. This easy to fix shelf helps you showcase your favourite home decor items without taking much space of the room.

Price: Rs 1300

Buy it here: Floating shelves

11. Pendant Light

home decor items pendant light.

Illuminate your dining room or living room with this striking antique design pendant light. The warm colour of the Edison bulbs along with the pendant’s captivating design only further increases the beauty of your room.

Price : Rs 760

Buy it here: pendant light

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