Film Industries in India (Top 5) – Absolute Comparison in Every Segment

In 2019 the number of films produced in India was more than 1800. The highest number in the world which is even higher than Hollywood. The high numerical stats of Indian films can mainly be attributed to the fact that there are about 20 different film industries exist in India. This article aims at comparing the top 5 film industries in India on the basis of several criteria.


The Indian film industry is the 3rd largest in the world only behind US and China. Listed below are the most popular film industries in India.


In terms of popularity, Bollywood or the Hindi film industry emerges as the number one without any scope of confusion. The industry based in Mumbai is the 2nd most popular in whole Asia only behind China. Stars like Shah Rukh Khan, Amir Khan and Salman Khan also helped the Industry to spread its fame around the world.

2. Kollywood

The Tamil film industry is considered as the 2nd popular motion picture industry in India. The creativity and wide marketing of Kollywood makes it well admired, both nationally and Internationally.

3. Tollywood

Tollywood which stands for the Telugu show biz ranks 3rd in terms of popularity. Recent big budget films like Bahubali also contributed to a surge in the popularity of this south Indian film industry.

4. Mollywood

Mollywood aka Malayalam film industry is known for creating fresh concepts. Moreover, their works are both nationally and internationally acclaimed. Stars like Mohanlal and Mammootty continue to deliver quality films. While the flow of new talents further increases the popularity of M town.

5. Sandalwood

Kannada film industry also called Sandalwood are known for their masala films. After, the industry going through a spell of monotonous films re-emerged to create flicks like KGF. Thus the industry manages to hold on the 5th position in the popularity rank.

# Budget

The budget of a film doesn’t usually depend on the language on which it is produced. In fact, there are be big-budget, medium budget and low budget films irrespective of the language medium. Whichever the industry be, a huge chunk of the movie budget is spent on the remuneration of main stars. For forming the list we used the average budget of a film in different regional languages.

1. Bollywood

On average, the budget of a Hindi movie ranges between Rupees 20-30 crores. The most expensive Hindi film, Thugs of Hindostan was completed in a budget of 220 crores.

3. Tollywood

The number of big-budget films produced every year in Telugu industry is much higher compared to others. The budget of Bahubali was 180 crores while it was 300 crores for the movie Sahoo. Furthermore, most big-budget movies are translated to other regional languages to increase the viewership thereby the profit too.

3. Kollywood

2.0 movie poster

The mainstream Tamil films usually have a budget of 30-50 crores. But, an average Tamil film is completed in the range of 15-20 crores. The most expensive film produced in India is from Kollywood. Endhiran 2.0 was shot at a budget of 540 crores.

4. Mollywood

The average budget of a Malayalam movie ranges from 8-12 crores. There is a huge difference in the budget of films from the top 3 industries when compared to the remaining.

5. Sandalwood

The number of movies produced in Kannada with a huge budget is very low when compared to the rest of India. Their most expensive movie is KGF which was produced at a budget of 80 crores. But on average, the budget of a Kannada film is anywhere between 3-10 crores.

# Quality

Quality of the content produced in the different industries is the next criteria for comparison. Millions can be spent of a movie producing it and then promoting it. But then nothing can save the movie from a poor theatre performance if the content is worthless.

1. Mollywood

Scene from the movie Maheshinte Prethikarem

The Mollywood has been setting up the benchmark for the whole film industry when it comes to creative and fresh concepts. This industry gained unique recognition in world cinema only because of their technical flair and craft.

Directors are always on the search to do experimental films. There was never a shortage of talents in the Malayalam show business aiding in the constant evolution of the industry.

2. Tollywood

Well, don’t raise your eyebrows. We are not talking about the Telugu film Industry but the Bengali film Industry. Both Telugu and Bengali film industry share the name Tollywood.

Ever since the start of film making in India, the Bengali industry are the front runners on creating real life dramas. You can’t find many ‘masala’ movies here but will find movies with a unique plot and superb making.

3. Kollywood

Ever since 2000, the Tamil film industry entered a phase of drastic transition. They have changed their usual ingredients of a movie which once was unconvincing action, romance and songs.

But with the rise of new scriptwriters, directors and the changing audience’s appetite for quality movies made the industry better. All these factors justify their 3rd position in this segment.

4. Bollywood

A scene from the movie Uri: The Surgical Strike

The majority of mainstream Bollywood movies are made just for entertaining the fans. But there are absolute gems that are created often.

Comparing to the 2000s, the stars of the Hindi film industry are now prepared to take risks. The stars are preferring quality scripts and are not afraid to go the extra mile to make better films.

5. Telugu Film Industry.

Most of Telugu films still follow old repetitive storyline which lacks creativity and freshness. The movies which are considered good at the Telugu industry are deemed average at Malayalam or Bengali film industry.

That was our comparison of the top 5 film industries in India. We used the 3 basic criteria; popularity, budget and quality to form the list. Hope you movie lovers like it.

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