Another Monday- Get a Productive week

Here we go again, yet another Monday. Do you usually feel like this about Mondays? Then, continue reading we will help you change your perspective about Mondays and get you a productive week.

Its Sunday night, You went to the Pub, drank a couple of beers, few good laugh with friends. You are exhausted and went to the bed. Seems like this guy had a great weekend right? Yeah, we agree.

But the next day is Monday, he wakes up on the dreadful Monday morning with only one thought on his mind. How to make it through this week.

If you are reading this then there is a high possibility that you have a similar life. Here are some tips to get a good Monday and a productive week

What is wrong with Mondays?

Why do we always treat Monday like it is something terrible? It’s just another day. Monday’s can be rainy, sunny or cloudy. It can be the perfect day or the worst day.

Many people find they don’t work well on Mondays. There is nothing wrong with Mondays it’s just the attitude that brings such thoughts to your mind.

There is this pesky thing called Negativity. Boom! There he is, in all his splendour. Negativity is trying to slow us down by convincing us that Mondays are naturally going to be a slow, sluggish day.

Mondays are the absolute best days in the eyes of negativity. It’s Monday and negativity comes to you, whew Monday! and you will have a slow start to the week. On Tuesday you will be thinking ‘Oh I made it through Monday so Tuesday ain’t going to be a problem.”

Then comes Wednesday, you somehow scramble through that day. You will start Thursday thinking ‘Only one more day till Friday’. On Friday you’ll be on the zenith of the imaginary mountains of your weekend dreams.

At the end of the week, you may feel accomplished, but negativity is laughing, thinking about how much he slowed you down all week with those pesky little thoughts.

Beat Negativity

So, how do you fight this invisible enemy? Let’s start with the basics.

1. The realization

Realize that negativity is there. He’s always there, hiding in your thoughts, waiting for you to get demotivated. Then that’s when he makes his move. For me, he always seems to want to pounce when I get the motivation to write something.

He likes to especially come in the form of distractions. When I get motivated to create content, Negativity says “Oh! Just one more mobile game or youtube video. Surly that post can wait until after that.” Now that I realize that he’s there, negativity wins significantly less.

2. To do list

daily activities image from article productive week

What’s the next step to beating Monday? Let’s make a to do list. When I started this, I gave myself way too many things to do, so I set unrealistic expectations for myself.

When I wouldn’t reach my goals, I would tend to slow down and eventually give up for a day or two (Negativity is clever like that). So, I started making smaller lists. Well, that did wonders for me.

“Start with just three things, three manageable things. Then, you can expand later when you can consistently get those three things done.” Since then, I have managed to check off everything on my to do list.

What do you put on this To Do list? Well, that’s completely up to you. Want to get the garden done? Add it to the list. Want to clean? Add that to the list. By writing it down it is proven to make it more likely to happen.

Our mind is taught in such a way that we are obligated to do something when it is written. For example, we are more likely to follow a time table when it’s written down.

3. Just do it

just do it image from article productive week

The next step? Well, this one sounds easy but really isn’t. Just do it. Just go out and do the job you set yourself to do. Tired? Too bad, go do it. Headache? Oh well, take some tablets and get to it.

Negativity makes you find excuses to stop yourself from doing a task. So, the trick here is you have to want it. You have to want to be better and improve. You have to want to be more productive on Monday thereby the whole week, realize it’s just another day.

Get up every day with the intent that you are going to go and be productive and try to accomplish something on that day.

With all that being said, I hope you all have a happy Mondays and productive weeks hereafter.

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